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Power up your Teams for Success with People Engagement

Create a supportive workplace where employees are valued. Break down barriers, automate tasks, and amplify employee voices for seamless communication.

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Simplify HR and enhance compliance with Core HR

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Ready to get started?

Simplify HR and enhance compliance with Core HR

Connect and Collaborate with PeoplesHR Social

Easily connect and share ideas to enhance teamwork, highlight employee achievements for recognition, publicly acknowledge contributions to boost morale, and strengthen team bonds through virtual activities via our Enterprise Social Network platform.

Key Capabilities:

Connect and share ideas easily, boosting teamwork

Highlight employee achievements digitally, fostering recognition

Publicly recognize and reward contributions, boosting morale

Strengthen team bonds with virtual activities, fostering collaboration

PAT: Your Smart Sidekick for Quick Solutions

Automate responses to routine employee queries, providing quick and accurate information about policies, benefits, and company updates, saving HR time and improving employee satisfaction.

Resolve Disputes and Thrive with Employee Feedback

PeoplesHR offers a structured approach for confidentially addressing concerns and complaints, streamlining grievance resolution, and gathering valuable feedback through surveys to enhance overall employee satisfaction.

Key Capabilities:

Provide a structured platform for employees to raise concerns and complaints confidentially

Streamline grievance resolution for prompt action

Easily create and gather valuable feedback through surveys

Collect insights on company culture, policies, and initiatives to shape decision-making and show employees that their opinions matter

Transform your Workplace Culture

Discover how our People Engagement solution can revolutionize your workplace dynamics.