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Take Control of Your Schedule with our Time and Attendance Management System

Experience a hassle-free approach to leave requests and attendance tracking that puts you first. Enjoy real-time insights with customizable reports for transparency, productivity, and compliance.

Ready to get started?

Simplify HR and enhance compliance with Core HR

Absence Management Attendance Timesheets

Ready to get started?

Simplify HR and enhance compliance with Core HR

Click and Approve Leave Requests in a Snap

When it comes to handling leaves, we've got you covered. Our leave management system simplifies the process, making it easy to request and approve leaves, cutting down on administrative overheads and errors.

Key Capabilities:

Simplified leave request and approval process.

Comprehensive record keeping of leave types and balances.

Automatic reminders for upcoming leaves.

Consistent enforcement of company leave policies.

Secure record keeping for audits and data protection compliance.

Mobile app for on-the-go leave management.

Clock in with Confidence, Automate Time and Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance and managing timesheets is essential for smooth operations. PeoplesHR's attendance management system ensures accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to capture precise attendance data and manage timesheets.

Key Capabilities:

Accurate attendance data capture.

Remote logging of work hours for flexible arrangements.

Fair compensation management through extended work hours identification.

Effortless timesheet management for employees.

Data analytics for identifying attendance patterns.

Geo-tagging features for location verification.

Customizable company holiday plans and leave rules.

Optimize your Time and Attendance Tracking

Keep punctuality, transparency, and compliance in check with our Time and Attendance Management System.