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A reliable HCM for Banking, Finance & Insurance Sectors

PeoplesHR has been leading the way in automating Human Capital Experience for 25 years in Banking, Finance & Insurance. Trusted by institutions worldwide in APAC & Africa, we're known for our expertise. Among the HR challenges in Banking & Financial Institutions, our clients often highlight Talent Acquisition & Management and Data Management & Compliance as top priorities.

Talent Acquisition & Management

Recruitment & Onboarding

Upskilling & Reskilling

Workforce Planning

Retention & Transfers

The Recruitment and Onboarding modules guide candidates through all recruitment stages, including long listing, short listing, examinations, interviews, job offers, and onboarding. They also assist HR officers in managing onboarding tasks effectively. The Promotion Module allows internal employees to apply for promotion-related vacancies based on eligibility, followed by aptitude tests, evaluations, and interviews until a candidate is selected. The Transfer Module simplifies transfer requests directly from employees or the HR team, with built-in features for supervisors to add comments and address grievances while Provident Fund Modules integrate with the payroll module to manage fund balances, calculate interest, and process employee withdrawal requests.

Data Management & Compliance

Data Management & Compliance

Consolidation of Banks

Multiple systems including stand-alone isolated solutions

Institutional and industrial policies

Statutory and regulatory compliance

As a complete HR solution, we have a centralized setup that works seamlessly with third party integrations, including core banking systems. Our certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 guarantee top-notch data management and security. Plus, PeoplesHR is committed to following all statutory, industrial, and institutional rules and regulations.

These are just a very few of the simple ways we can help you ease the HR strains in your industry, connect with us and we are more than happy to help you out in your unique pain points and bottlenecks.

We let you focus on the outcome while we automate the processes

85%  time reduction in attendance data upload, report processing, invalid attendance & absence follow-ups, unauthorized OT approval follow-ups, no-pay processing, and leave chit processing.

80%  reduction in payroll costs with RPA..

73%  improvement in overall payroll productivity including attendance data verification, manual preparation of earnings & deductions, payroll processing, validations & reconciliation, and reporting.

71% overall efficiency in employee data management & reporting.

An HCM solution to support your entire organization

Core HROperational HRStrategic HR System capabilitiesEmployee Engagement

Core HR to aimed at centralised data and reporting

Our comprehensive HCM Solution features centralized data architecture that seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, accompanied by convenient on-demand reporting tools.

Operational HR to support your HR Heroes

Manage overtime and shifts easily with automated calculations, saving time.

Ensure compliance and simplify payroll with multi-currency capabilities.

Streamline rewards, recognition, and benefits administration for easier access.

Gain insights into turnover and attendance with predictive analytics.

Digitize HR operations with a unified HRIS for streamlined information access.

Efficiently manage the employee lifecycle from recruitment to offboarding.

Enhance talent management with diverse goal frameworks and skill matrices.

Streamline position management with automated workflows.

Plan career paths and succession confidently with support.

Strategic HR to enable Data-Driven-Decision-Making

Analyze operational patterns and gain management insights with ad-hoc reporting and enterprise dashboards.

Create customized dashboards tailored to your needs using interactive analytics.

Utilize insightful dashboards to make informed decisions.

Simplified Employee Engagement

Access our Mobile App and Kiosk in over 15 languages, ensuring a seamless employee experience and easy system access anytime, anywhere.

Receive instant SMS notifications for timely updates.

Utilize the Employee Happiness Indicator to express feelings and emotions during work hours.

Interact with our AI-powered chatbot for answers to HR-related questions and assistance with simple tasks.

PeoplesHR system capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with core banking systems, backed by extensive experience.

Uphold high system security standards and comply with banking security regulations.

Streamline performance management for your sales team with monthly measurable target settings.

Engage employees across all platforms: Desktop, Mobile, and Kiosk.

Enjoy localization and language support for enhanced accessibility.


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