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31ST May 2023

The Talent Safari: How to search for talent & skills in emerging markets.

Charles H. Ferguson, General Manager, APAC, of Globalization Partners, speaks on the topic "The Talent Safari: How to Search for Talent and Skills in Emerging Markets." Watch now to learn about the best practices for attracting and building teams in emerging markets.

24TH May 2023

Managing People and Driving Performance

Mario Ferraro, Principal Consultant for Mercer’s Regional Team speaks on Managing People and Driving Performance, with in-depth insights on the changing constraints of the future workforce

09th January 2020

Attract, Select & Retain High Performing Talent

Design better and spend less time without restricting creative freedom. Combine layouts, customize everything.

09TH January 2023

MYbrainwave's Culture of Innovation by John Katsiris and Phillip Latka

MYbrainwave, an innovation management company helps refine, justify, get support, prove, sustain and commercialise your ideas to make it a reality.


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Join HR Tech Specialist and HROnboard Founder, Peter Forbes and HROnboard Product & Strategy Specialist, Michael Specht as they show what HR needs to know about integration in the new world of apps and how HR cloud apps, HROnboard and PeoplesHR are integrated to make life easier for HR.

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